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PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 2:50 am    Post subject: Building Me A HF ;) Reply with quote
The Story:
After some burgers and a few beers me and my friends started talking about my A.D.D when it come to my recent project cars I never finish them. After a lot of talking and a lot of beers I got talk into started my next project car we came to 3 things the car must have:
1) Look stock other then maybe I/H/E
2) Be on the juice; Make sure nitrous bottle or line could not be found
3) Run mid to high 13's
I know sounds crazy but I and my friends hide kits on each other cars so I got a background on that.

The Car:
Either I was going for another 5.0 or Honda. I prefer Hondas because I got a special spot for them and always go for the under dog. So I pick the chassis 1988 CRX HF(before you say hey that?s slow keep reading)

The Motor:
Since HFs are multi point I was thinking about getting an SOHC Si motor. Switching valve covers from 16 valve to 8 valve and erasing the motor codes and putting the HF codes. Probably going for a built bottom end and some head work.

The Nitrous:
I got a dry kit NOS and a 5lb bottle, I have hide bottles in gym bags, speaker boxes(subwoofers), in the door. But for the CRX I thinking where the speaker go?s in the rear panels something like that.

Now I looking to get opinions of what you think. Also info I wanna spray 125 shot of course not a stock bottom end but what type of work for the bottom end you think I should do? Sleeve?.block guard
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